Metal’s recovery

Incineration process

Metal’s recovery

Incineration process

The system of incineration and grinding of the blows and scraps of the goldsmiths’ laboratories.

At the Granatieri plant we process the following materials, which can be incinerated and/or ground depending on the type:

  • Goldsmiths’ and silversmiths’ brushes
  • Cleaning Solutions Sludge and sludge
  • Crucibles Slag and residues from artisanal and industrial production processes
  • Materials from dental laboratories

Te company has plants for the incineration of static furnaces, of different capacities, and furnaces (pans) for small quantities of material. Once incinerated, the material is subjected to grinding treatments in ball mills and sieving, which allow to obtain a very fine powder, mixed and homogenized through mixing equipment.

The customer has the possibility to take an ash sample for its most complete guarantee, as well as being able to personally assist in all the phases of processing described.
In addition, it may require the incineration furnace to be sealed if the treatment takes a long time.

  • Trattamento ceneri
  • Trattamento ceneri
  • Trattamento ceneri
  • Trattamento ceneri
  • Trattamento ceneri
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