since 1946

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our history

Passion, Innovation and Reliability

Founded in 1946 by the brothers Bruno and Rodolfo Fattori, Lampa srl specialized in the recovery and refining of precious metals. The original work – the recovery of precious metals from materials (ash and ingots) – has continued over the years thanks to Rodolfo’s son, Marco Fattori, who introduced significant innovations and expanded the range of services.

In 1996 our shop was opened in the historic center of Florence, close to Ponte Vecchio – the heart of florentine goldsmith. Here we sell semi-manufactured gold and silver jewelry; semiprecious stones, corals and pearls; as well as equipment for goldsmiths and silversmiths.

In march 2010, the company changed its name in Lira Ltd, managed by Marco Fattori’s daughters. The tradition followed in Lampa srl continues in Lira srl with the new management. The philosophy that has animated the company for over sixty years is also a firm position for the new management.

Since 2010 we are Professional Gold Operators authorized by the Bank of Italy and since 2017 we are registered in the OAM register for the sale of precious metals used. In 2021 we start with a new service dedicated to galvanic companies, for the recovery of precious metals from accessories and scrap metal and galvanic baths.

our engine

Professionalism, competence and commitment

Objectives and values

The company is constantly growing, with a policy of continuous investments, and ensures safe and reliable services.

Our goal has always been to be the reference point for all operators in the precious metals sector.
We have always collaborated, with professionalism and competence, with individual craftsmen, precious metal companies, goldsmiths’ centres, goldsmiths’ schools.

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