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Legor Group

Since 2013 our store has become an official retailer for Tuscany of the products of LEGOR GROUP, a reference company in the goldsmiths, silversmiths and fashion markets for all that concerns cutting-edge production processes, be they of transformation, processing or finishing of precious and not precious metals.

The continuous innovation, the deep knowledge of the material and the high production standard qualify Legor Group as the reference brand in the international goldsmith and silversmith market with a wide range of products:

  • Ready-to-use precious alloys in Silver Guaranteed Title (in title and mother alloy)
  • Mother alloys for gold Soldering (in drops, powder, paste, liquid and semi-finished wire)
  • Base metals
  • Galvanic solutions for the surface coating of the jewel both for protective purposes (anti-arnish, scratch and thickness) and for decorative purposes

Tuscany official dealer

new alloys and galvanic products

in our shop

In our shop are available the new alloys with palladium or rhodium, in accordance with the UNI EN 1811/2011 that regulates the limit of the release of nickel by jewellery and costume jewelry.

We also have a wide range of galvanic products (Rodio and Palladio) suitable to solve the problem of jewelry produced with old alloys.

I semilavorati commercializzati sono naturalmente in linea con la normativa vigente.

…discover semifinished products, gold, silver, stones and pearls

…and also equipment and machinery for goldsmiths, silversmiths, dental technicians

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