Buying and selling valuable metals

metals bank and gold shop

Buying and selling valuable metals

  • Professionals Gold Operators

    As Professionals Gold Operators with registration to the Bank of Italy, we are authorized to the marketing of pure valuable metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.
    Our metals bank constantly updates the price of valuable metals, consulting the main International Exchange Markets, and guarantees the best trading conditions.

  • To private citizens

    To private citizens we offer for sale pure gold bars, 999,9 thousandths, of weight recognized by International Exchange Markets and certificates to guarantee the purchase.

  • Sell different stock coins

    We also sell different stock coins, such as Pounds, Marengo or Krugerrand of different casting, based on availability.

  • More info

    For more information visit our website Lira oro.

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value to the precious

Gold Shop

We are registered with the Register of Gold Purchases at the OAM (Body of Financial Agents and Credit Brokers) which authorizes us to collect the used jewels. We buy rings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, gold or silver, even if damaged.

We immediately estimate the value of the objects based on the quotation of precious metals on the market.

Payment is immediate, by bank transfer or cheque.

For more information visit our website Lira oro.

Lira Oro offers:


Real time quotes

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