RJC Information Management System

Lira srl adopts a management system following the RJC’s Certification requirements and,  endlessly commited into spread respect for worker rights and legality among different enterprises, intends to promove the communication of its business standards aiming a complete diffusion and comprehension.

RJC’s certification establish those business involved to respect national’s and others applicable laws, for example, to:

–  Child labour;

– Mandatory and forced work;

– Health and safety on work place;

– Anti-corruption;

– Contrast to terrorism financing;

– Restraint to use raw materials originated in conflicting areas;

– Freedom to associate and unions negotiation;

– Discrimination;

– Discipline procedures;

– Work schedule;

– Wages;

– Environmental  management;

Annual Report 2022

LIRA srl has carried out due diligence towards its business partners in order to verify any deviations from the OECD guidelines; this verification is carried out annually during the Management Review (last review performed in 23/01/2023).

LIRA srl prefers RJC and / or LBMA certified business partners and controls the rest as per internal procedure to verify compliance with OECD guidelines.

No human rights risks were identified, the transactions considered are low risk and the checks carried out comply with RJC principles.

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