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semifinished produtcs and stones

Our shop offers a wide range of semifinished products in gold (titraded 750‰) and in silver (titrated 950‰), precious and semiprecious stones, pearls, all of the best quality.

The semifinished products available at our store are carefully selected, choosing only the best Italian quality within both the craft and the industrial goldsmith sector. We assure constant stock and the acquisition of the newest products on the market. We also guarantee a great value for money.

The golden semifinished products can be purchased directly or ordered through manufacturing account by delivering the pure metals required for processing, with no obligation to purchase minimum quantities.

It is also possible to request profiled sheets, corrugated iron and discs in sterling silver 800 ‰ or 925 ‰, depending on the availability of stock.

gold, silver, pearls, precious stones and semifinished products

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